Grassland Ocean View Resort
Papagayo Peninsula, Playa Panama, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Price: $21,000,000 USD
Great Investment Opportunity - Grassland Ocean View Resort


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A GREAT Investment Opportunity In the Coastal Paradise “Papagayo”, Northwest Coast of Costa Rica!

This great investment opportunity of the Papagayo Resort site is a HUGE 137-hectare (that’s 338 acres!)  property sitting on top of the majestic hills in the Pacific Ocean. No-brainer: from the hilltop, the site looks over the mesmerizing Pacific Ocean as well as the luxury Four Season Resort just across the bay!

On top of that, the site is pretty close to the longest stretch of soft-sand beaches in Papagayo.

Furthermore, the site is ONLY 15 minutes from the Daniel Oduber International Liberia Airport which makes the investment even juicier for you. Nearby existing communities include Playa Panama and Playa Hermosa.

Thinking of validity? Well, this great investment opportunity project is fully backed by the government. It is also referred to as a “priority for the country” with utilities supplied by the state. That’s not all… The parcels that make up the project are all zoned for full-scale resort development. Now, let’s get into all the amazing stuff the site offers.

Breathtaking Hilltop Views

The views from the top are simply out of this world! The site covers 150 meters of land with varying slopes and diverse topography offering FREE and OPEN views of the heavenly Bay of Culebra, Gulf of Papagayo and, as said above, Four Seasons Papagayo Resort and the Pacific Ocean.

A Perfect Location for Utility

There’s no iota of doubt that the location is super-cool for investment. That’s because apart from the amazing oceanic views, the site provides a direct link to the main road that leads straight to the airport, making it a great place from a commercial point of view. There are several access points on the property which make construction and utility access an easy breeze.

Utilities: electricity, trash collection, water, and telephone data services!

Immense Growth Potential

Since the investment project is based in Guanacaste province of Costa Rica. So, you can never question its potential for growth. Basically, in the next few years, this high-potential touristy region is going to compete with the likes of Baja California or Cancun as a premier tourist spot with deluxe resorts serving the Americas. Aside from the exciting recreational activities, the region has several other solid reasons to grow  – and what are they?

– Calm waters and a serene atmosphere

– A welcoming culture, making anyone feel at home

– A safe climate, with no history of hurricanes

– Quick access to the San Rafael Arcangel Hospital

– A thriving economy and stable government

– Availability of a qualified and skilled workforce

The Plan Is Sustainable And Profit-Oriented

The investment project has numerous cliff areas and high points that provide jaw-dropping views of the ocean, surrounding hills, and volcanoes. Also, the plan is to maximize the “view” potential by setting up comfortable spots for ocean viewing purposes. While the rest of the land offering not much in terms of “views” will be left as ecological preserves.

Further, you may have heard of the poor effects on the landscape of the development on sharp slopes and curves in Costa Rica. Right? Well, for this project we’ve identified 40% slopes to the upper limit of development. So, preventing any damage to the land’s appearance. Smart, isn’t it?

Ideal Topographical Features

This investment opportunity project will be founded on two stacked ridges running parallel to the bay. Do you know what that means? That means there’s a LOT of space available for the resort development on the two giant platforms, with a spot for dramatic views every step. Also, Costa Rica is free from freezing temperatures. So there are no limits on the max slants for roadways and driveways.

The Waterfalls: Cherry On the Cake

The presence of water throughout the site breathes life into the project (the exquisiteness goes beyond words). There are two seasonal waterfalls with small streams of water so it’s complimenting the location with 10m high majestic waterfalls providing a surreal backdrop to the resort. The water theme can be carried throughout the property by integrating the ponds, trickles, and wetlands into the property features, for example by using a water retention system.



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